…Blessed to Bless, Saved to Serve…

A Cypher (or circle), is a street term used for when a group of Emcees/Rappers come together not only to showcase and sharpen their skills, but also to learn from each other as they share lyrically.

GospelCypher opens up this “circle” giving you a clear view of whats being said in the UK’s Urban Gospel Scene. Bringing you exclusive Christian content from it’s deep recesses, such as, Freestyles, Interviews, Music Videos, Testimonies, Debates and of course the Word.

GospelCypher is extremely passionate about the youth of today, particularly those caught up in gang culture and bound by the “Ghetto” mindset, we believe that the ONLY way in which lives can be saved is through the Gospel (Good news) of Jesus Christ and we hope to be used as a means to communicate this message to the masses.

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