[Verse 1]

Lord, I can’t believe You saved me, my sin was a Biggie but You acted like it’s Gravy. Depraved see? Even when I didn’t want Your safety, You’d take me, and by Your Spirit rearrange me. Changed me, forgave me, and now I know it’s plainly only by Your goodness that it’s grace that You gave me. Even as an enemy, You didn’t want the death of me, You said to me, “repent, believe”, and now You so amaze me. (yeah) Freedom in the Truth, believers bear the fruit, when you know it’s Jesus at the root. You’re keeping me with You, I was only pleading ’cause You drew, You greeted me at youth, and now all the credit I leave to You Lord. And that is true Lord, only thanking You for, drawing me and now it’s Your glory that I am used for, killing my will so I can pursue and suits Yours. Amazing. Praises, I got a few more. I see You carrying the cross, gathering the lost, I can’t believe i’m married to the Boss, not panicking a lot, ’cause I know my Daddy is my God, sacked me from my job, death’s the salary I should’ve got – still. But instead You took the cross to save whom- -ever the Father gave You, I rate You Lord… I rate You Lord.

[Chorus repeat *4]

Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk The crew bringin the ruckus no doubt

[Verse 2]

Lord I am Your property, Your major grace belongs to me, thank You for adopting me and now i’m stronger on my knees. I can’t believe I was diseased in sin, now i’m freed by Him, who hated my reeking stink, it’s mad. Now my Daddy has me hidden in His Son, so when He looks at me, He sees what He’s done, within His blood fam. Now being in the Son is showing like it’s sun-tan. Not just any man can do what my God can. Bridging the gap was His plan from early and not because I gave Him reasons to prefer me, He really should’ve burnt me, but He chose the worst and He snatched me from the dirt, became dirt to purge me? That’s absurd, see? Justice, at the same time as His mercy? Who does this? It’s divine Christ fam, it must be. I love this. Got my mind turned from the wordly. I trust Him, I love Him. And He put His Spirit within me to make me on it, and now i’m living not sitting and swimming in His vomit. He made me hot, not cold, and not luke warm, He’s got the youth taught of Jesus Christ in our college. He’s using me and Brandon to preach, we’re so honoured, ’cause we’re so fallen but God is still bothered… ’cause we’re so fallen but God is still bothered.



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