1. Scrapbook Intro
2. See The Light
3. Looking Out The Window II Ft Victizzle
4. I’m Blessed
5. A Little Love
6. Walk On Water
7. Winner Takes All
8. Sugar-Coat
9. B2B Ft Brewer
10. Kofi Ft Michaela The Poet
11. Did It Again Ft GKiD
12. Stay Ft Jahaziel
13. My Story
14. I Wanna Be
15. Let You Know
16. Skin Deep
17. Pray For Me Ft Miss Tai
18. Game Over Ft Mr C’Mon, Franklyn, Brewer, Favour, Barney
19. One Body Ft A Star, Presha J, Jake, Jay Dolph
20. Echo (T3M Anthem) Ft Victizzle, Faith Child