First Track off the Good Friday Mixtape by JayEss OUT April 1st 2011 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

D.O.D stands for Dawn Of the Dead, emphasizing that man is Dead in his/her sins.

The contents deep
Turn up ya speaker
Aint even hit my peak
your flow is WWE
Give you a sleeper
Death talking you speak
On the mic so we cut of the flesh With the Meat cleaver
With Pure greed For the green
paper chasing the queen
And shiny whips like Its creamed with Vaseline
Inhale the spirit of Jehovah
To resurrect your soul
And tell your buddies to come over
Cause bodies will fall over
On their knees
When they’ve been set free
relationship scene
Now you both kick it
like Jet lee Hope your riding with the flow
Like a Jet Ski
Breeze Gone with the wind Kong he’s the King
Chest beat, beat
But Sins
got us locked
Like we’re born with a dread
Now mankind’s looking like a scene from
Dawn of the dead
Marked with the beast
With a couple horns
On our head 9 double 9 vertical flip
But No ones calling the Feds
We all dead separated
Spiritually segregated
Need resuscitation
John 3 states it
So please awaken
We Need to be born twice
no longer cuffed to Satan Read it yourself
Cause I ain’t Talking ()

Ask ya self
If you die tonight
Will you ride with Christ
Or have a hot summer holiday
tan for life
Because on earth you were mad at I
For giving you the good news
Of the good Jew
You know
Adoni I walk with a samurai_
I’m God’s anointed
Hammer time_
Scream at a Mosque Emanuel’s alive
And for sin’s he died
Plus on the 3rd He emerged word
He flew into the sky like a Bird
I can’t keep silent when the streets violent and peeps fighting
Keep hearing police sirens and
Pedophiles eying
Young mothers with prams Dying
fenes with grams addicted to
Smoking that green giant _
Out for your blood So the slugs are flying
Where there’s mothers crying
tried un plug my mic when
I speak truth but their mugs are sighing
With nuff bars
Flow sounds like the west wing
In Rikers island
Ya all mummies
With the cast on
Bunch of Spoilt brats
Like a last born
Slick talking
Your traps off
Facts is
you feel I’m wrong
Enter the kingdom
And get out of this World
Like Neil Armstrong

Sermon by: Ravi Zacharias

Produced By Blessed

Twitter: @JayEssOnline