#CheckOut the new single from  Jelz Music, an amazing story of forgiveness #ListenUp!

Story Behind The Song:

“My Father was an alcoholic and things finally things got too much for my mum and she had to kick him out the house and get a divorce. Me and my sister were very young at the time and it left me feeling hurt, angry and very disappointed. He continued to hurt me through regularly breaking promises and finally cutting off total connection. This pain and anger I carried and suppressed and aimed to just get on with life. At the age of 15 life all changed as I realised what being a Christian really meant and was truly about. Sometime after God spoke to me and said he wanted me to forgive my father. I thought he was crazy and told him NO WAY! God continued to ask me and one day I gave in. After I felt so free and it was truly a miracle as I was able to forgive and love my Dad. Even though I never got to tell him face to face or even over the phone, it was amazing how God had set me free from all pain and anger. I knew for definite that God cared about my life and what I had been through. This amazing realisation reflected in my music as I began to write barz that glorified God, were positive, challenged people and gave them a hope for the future.”

Jeremy Aka Jelz Music