‘Nothing but the truth…a journey of what I’ve been through this year’ Lionel (Forever Christ / SkyBoy Records) #DEEP…Let’s keep our brothers & sisters in prayer!

Hear me cry hear my plea
“Pause” Watch how my soul screams,
its been three years and I still don’t know what I’m doing here,
so I’m gonna real and clear, I don’t want your sympathy or cheers I just want a few minutes with your ears so listen as I take this time to share.

I had to take a deep breather coz this is gonna cut the flesh and break some bones like a meat cleaver

But I’d rather speak the truth than tell bare stories
Live the word than act like carey, Live like Christ or die trying fighting

2010 has been the most challenging year and I still don’t know what I’m doing here but it must of been through God’s grace yeh, yeh
October the 19th a baby came to life and the fact is that is mine woow Lio wake up

What am I gonna do now in the beginning of the year I let lust have the better of me with a girl that weren’t my wife.

What are the people gonna think? should I run back to the world and leave this christian walk coz now I don’t think its best for me? (No Lie) or what might they say? you can’t take this news gracefully might aswell go bck to my estate where I’d get a couple spuds from the old mates and get some high grade piff for my issues and just fade away.

But I aint in Nasty even if I see ba da ba bare different colours that won’t change my character coz my God aint no ametuer won’t give you a scene that would damage ya But right now I feel Damaged da jevu carnage so I’m in full panic and I don’t think that I can manage the word looks like a puzzle so its been left in the attic, Speaking In Tongues I aint been at it.

And I don’t feel the God’s Presence
God why have you for saken me why do I feel so lonely.
I don’t have any tears left in me and frankly I feel like a beast out of place up in rage Lord come and rescue me I don’t wanna be a minister the people don’t show no love and everybody’s gossipin feels like I’m boxed in Lord be my Mike Tyson and box me out knock me out I don’t wanna be here I refuse to be scared So Here I give my self away I hope I’m fully prepared.

My Heart Has been cold for a minute been separated for all of my sinning
Right now I know that I ain’t winning coz my hearts gone cold my hearts gone cold If I could turn time back just a minute I would re think all the steps of my living With my arms held high as I’m singing but hearts gone cold my hearts gone cold