London based, Christian Emcees Tope & Esther kick off the highly anticipated Parked Car Bars: Season Two with a bang! #ListenUp!



(So I’m like) boom – back with a bang this time

A Star set pace so I’m next in line but…

hold up am I next to Christ? If not then I must be the next to fry

It’s all good if I top the rhymes but…

it’s stupid if the truth is that I never knew Him

even though He went to the Cross for my nuisance

but with my life style I disapprove Him

Now..what do you think?

that He came for the poor to make them rich?

No…He came for dead to make them live

and thats all on the earth – we’re born in sin

But truly with him we’re born again

so repent and believe and learn of Him

and get right with Christ…no time for pride

He paid the price by taking stripes


Boom – back with a bang this time

I’m strapped with the facts no lie

look Christ the match not I who sparked this in me

bring it back one time like – boom

back with a bang – no sparklers

but the Holy Ghost fire-works

laugh if you like – why?

cos I’m the ironed shirt – theres no creasing

the suns out still it’s raining/reigning Jesus

stormy weather doesn’t change who He is

Now I know it’s for Him that I’m breathing

cos on the cross He bleeded – bled – sorry

I can’t complete His steps…

without defeating flesh or with out the feet in creps

bare foot-locker man get nike aired – I’ma flee instead


Look – dem man are on a temptation flee-ting

but it’s not only man that flee sin

while us girls are praying and seeking

a couple man wanna link and sleep in

your diabete bars I don’t need them…

I’m fleeing  cos I need Jesus…

in a mans – thoughts

in a mans – life

in a mans – heart

not just in a mans – rhymes

I’m not caught up in a mans – hype

because He’s out for the links on-line

so when he clocks that I’m on site

I dead emotions – I’m on bike

but it’s straight to the father I’m pedalling – harder

what He’s hot? theres no need for lava

It’s a flee-ting hold tight to my armor

kill off the flesh – ye thats what I’m after


Dem man are on a temptation flee-ting

but it’s not only man that flee sin

Tope well said you hit the nail on the head

I wouldn’t lay on your bed even if you were sleeping

truth is I’m not interested

even if the swags on smash, balling – bare cash

my renew mind will say God’s blessed Him

renew your mind if you feel to undress Him

In your mind when your flesh is on a next ting…

don’t lose focus if you notice the fresh trim

If he’s been watching from the moment you stepped in…

guard your heart and flee don’t follow it

most time your heart deceives so don’t borrow his

or rent yours out for a lot of his

melodies sung by a sweet boy, with a sweet voice, taste boy -

Gass – start vomiting!


Yo – ever since Christ saved me

I’ve been tryna walk righteous daily

in a world full of lust and pride

I got to keep my eyes on the One who made me

He changed me – so lately…

you can find me reading His Word

on a sunday meet me in church

I’m beating the flesh like a demons at work

salvation – how glorious -

cos He paid the price for all of us

even though we didn’t know that we need Him

He still went to the cross – took that beating

but praise God that He rose up – no luck…

for the devil cos my God showed up

and He conquered the grave so we the depraved

could know of our sins so own up


I’ve got beef with the mic – you wanna know why?

cos when the beat kicks – I punch lines

If the beats sick – then I pre-scribe (bars)

but I ain’t in charge – He is

“Rah! Did she drop that bar? – Preach it”

I’m on track like my weaves been sown in – but He’s the realest

Next Gospel Event who’s reaching?

“count me in!” night vigil? “nah count me out!”

What about high streets  handing out leaflets?

“If its that then I’m leaving!”

well remember your primary school days when we would memorise verses?

Gone are those days cos now we think it’s enough – if we memorise verses